China WebQuest

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China has been called the oldest continuous civilization in the world. China has a strong culture that has developed over thousands of years. The Middle Kingdom has always been a nation that has been private and reluctant to deal with the outside world. China has in many ways been a mystery to us. The exotic history and intense present culture of China makes it one of the most interesting countries in the world today.


Your task is to journey through time to ancient China. Through links provided you will discover information about why China has lasted for thousands of years. You will use your findings to create a powerpoint presentation showing how China has endured while other civilizations have perished. Be creative!


  1. Each group member will take on a role: Geographer, Historian, Agriculturalist, or Archaeologist. Only 1 person per role please, and if you do not have 4 group members you will all need to share the 4th role!
  2. Each group member will use the links provided to research answers to their questions.
  3. Each group member will share their findings with the other group members to compile a complete historical view of China.
  4. The group will complete a project to present to the class. The project will be in the form of a powerpoint presentation using the information they have uncovered.
  5. Each group member will turn in the answers to their research questions on the day they present their project to the class.

Questions and Resources