India WebQuest

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Some great civilizaions have endured through countless generations. Some have survived invasions, disasters, disease, and corruption. These great civilizations have shaped the world as we know it. Then there are some civilizations who have come and gone in the blink of an eye. Many of these fleeting cultures have not left a legacy on the world. One that has is the Indus River Valley. The Harappan civilization that developed along the Indus River left a lasting legacy full of advancements on science and city building. There is much still to learn about them as historians do not have much to work with. Disasters and invasions cut this once great civilization short and left little behind for archaeologists to discover. What they have found, however, is evidence of an advanced and organized group of people who built a strong culture and many new ideas. This is what you will find out on your WebQuest journey! You will take on several roles as you navigate through history to find the answer to how the Indus River Valley was so influential in such a short time.


Your task is to journey through time to ancient India. Through links provided you will discover information about why the people of the Indus River Valley were so influential to the world. You will use your findings to create a powerpoint presentation showing how these ancient people contributed to the modern world that we live in. Be creative!


  1. Each group member will take on a role: Geographer, Historian, Agriculturalist, or Archaeologist. Only 1 person per role please, and if you do not have 4 group members you will all need to share the 4th role!
  2. Each group member will use the links provided to research answers to their questions.
  3. Each group member will share their findings with the other group members to compile a complete historical view of the Indus River Valley.
  4. The group will complete a project to present to the class. The project will be in the form of a powerpoint presentation using the information they have uncovered.
  5. Each group member will turn in the answers to their research questions on the day they present their project to the class.

Questions and Resources